Performing with Live Music Now

Music, amongst all the great arts, is the language which penetrates most deeply into the human spirit, reaching people through every barrier, disability, language and circumstance. This is why it has been my dream to bring music back into the lives of those people whose lives are especially prone to stress and suffering... so that it might comfort, heal and bring delight. 

- Yehudi Menuhin

As part of this scheme Chroma Harp perform in schools, care homes and public venues to provide concerts and interactive workshops for children with special educational and physical needs, as well as individuals living with dementia.

“The best afternoon ever! Thank you to all, to the wonderful, talented and personable performers and to you [Live Music Now] for contacting me in the first place! Our residents thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon, found it relaxing and mesmerising. One of our residents who has instant memory loss with her dementia and severe hearing loss was completely thrilled! Normally musical events are not for her but somehow this hit that place of emotion and memory. We would welcome the girls back.”